Earth Friendly Moving

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How can I make my move earth friendly?

Earth Friendly Moving

One moving solution to make moving and packing more earth friendly? First, consider using recycled boxes, ones that have been used before by someone else. Boxes if treated properly should be able to be used and reused time and again.

Another earth friendly moving solution is to rent recycled containers to use for your move and then give them back to the place you rented the boxes from. You can find earth friendly moving companies on the Internet by doing a search engine search. The concept is this, you simply pay a set rental fee per container and each container and the packing supplies with it are made from recycled materials and are then given back to the rental company. When you contact the company a representative will determine how many earth friendly containers you will need for your move. The packing containers are delivered to your door in a truck powered by vegetable oil or bio diesel fuel about a week before your move and will be picked up at your new location when your move is complete.

If you are worried about stuffing our landfills full of waste from your next move, you may want to consider an earth friendly moving solution.



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