One Week Before Your Move

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What can I do one week ahead of my move?

One Week Before Your Move

The week before you move will be a busy one. Knowing some important things that you should be doing can help you feel more prepared for what is to come.

Remind friends and family of the date of your upcoming move. If they are helping you load a truck, you will want to remind them of the time they are to be at your home to help out on moving day. If you are traveling a great distance for your move or if your move has you staying in a hotel for one night or several, you will want to confirm all reservations. Double check your travel route by having it all mapped out well ahead of time so that you are prepared to travel after your belongings are loaded onto a truck. If you are renting a truck to load yourself, double check with the rental company the dates and the rental amount, if you are hiring a moving company, do the same with them.

Begin throwing things out of your refrigerator that you know you won't pack in a cooler and take with you. If you are sure you won't eat something in your fridge, begin throwing things out about a week ahead of time. Another good idea is to pack up the things you will need for that first night or few days in your new home and to double check your first night survival guide checklist to make sure you have everything.



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