Staying Sane on Moving Day

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How can I stay stress free on moving day?

Staying Sane on Moving Day

You may feel stressed out about your upcoming move and when moving day arrives your stress level may go through the roof. There are ways to make your moving day a bit less stressful so you don't lose your mind and your patience with those assisting you.

Make sure you eat on moving day. Sounds strange, but being hungry can make you cranky, being cranky makes those around you cranky, which can add to your stress level. So, make sure you eat throughout the day of your move; it will help keep you calm.

Be prepared for unexpected things. You need to prepare yourself that something will go wrong, that way if something does go wrong, you aren't unprepared for it. Simply take a deep breath and tell yourself that you are completely prepared for anything that comes your way and take it as it comes.

Give yourself plenty of time on moving day. Get a good night of sleep the night before and be ready in the morning bright and early to put in a long day. Make sure if you are moving yourself that you have people there with plenty of time to help load your truck. It isn't realistic to think you can move an entire house in two hours, so make sure to plan your day appropriately. Giving yourself an entire day to load the truck will help you not to feel rushed, which will keep your stress level down.



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