Your Responsibilities as a Renter

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What is my responsibility as a renter?

Your Responsibilities as a Renter

As an apartment renter you will have a few responsibilities to keep in mind, so if you are moving into an apartment take these into account.

First, you must follow your lease- the agreement that you signed before moving in. If you fail to follow the lease rules, you may be asked to vacate your apartment and not receive your deposit. You may also be charged other fees in accordance to the lease agreement.

Second, pay your rent on time, all the time. You may have to pay fees or be evicted from your apartment should you not pay your rent on the day it is due each month.

Third, maintain your apartment so that it is in good condition on the day you move out. Change the light bulbs when they burn out, replace smoke detector batteries and report any repairs that may need taken care of promptly. Take care of where you live!

Last, it is important that you purchase renter's insurance. Renter's insurance is much like homeowners insurance and will cover your belongings inside the apartment should there be a fire, a flood or a burglary. The company or landlord that owns your building is only responsible for the outside of the unit and the items that were present on the inside when you moved in. Everything else is your responsibility.



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