Check the Neighborhood

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Why should I get to know the neighborhood before I move?

Check the Neighborhood

When moving into an apartment in a new neighborhood, you will really want to walk around the area and see what it is like. Check into the schools in the area if you have kids, after all- you will want a good school system for your child to be educated in. Before you move, walk around the block at different times of the day to get a feel for what it is like at all times. Is it noisy at night? Is the area clean or dirty? Do people keep their apartments neat on the outside? If the apartment you are interested in doesn't have a laundry area in the unit, what is the laundry area like for the entire building? Are the grounds kept well?

Many of these things are important aspects of apartment living to take into consideration. You will want to make sure the neighborhood you are moving in to is safe, clean and quiet (if you prefer a quiet location) and that the people in the area seem to take pride in their homes or apartments. If you get an uneasy feeling or you notice that the area is quite loud at night but quiet in the afternoon, and you want quiet all the time, you may want to consider moving into another apartment complex. Getting to know the neighborhood is important before you move!



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