Comparing Apartment Choices

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What is an apartment comparison checklist?

Comparing Apartment Choices

One good way to compare apartments when looking is to take along an apartment comparison sheet. You can do a simple search engine search for a sheet to download and print off. The sheet will most likely have the several pieces of information on it and can be filled out with each apartment you see. What can you expect an apartment comparison sheet to have?

You will want to fill out the name and the address of each apartment at the top of the sheet. You will then have a checklist with many different choices on it. One topic on the checklist may be "Living space" and will ask you questions, which you will check yes or no. An example of a question asked would be; "Do the kitchen drawers open and close easily?" You may have another topic entitled, "Security" which would ask you questions about how secure the building and the unit is in the building. Expect questions about fencing around the property and if all the windows lock in the unit you may rent.

Your apartment comparison checklist should have many more topics than those mentioned above, topics such as appliances, noise, and plumbing should all have questions regarding that specific topic. Once you have seen all the apartments you are interested in, you can go over your completed checklists to help you make an educated decision about which one is right for you. Remember to take a tape measure in order to measure if your furniture will fit through the doors of all the apartments you visit and see if your furniture will fit well inside the unit.

If you are working with a moving company, many offer these apartment checklists free of charge through their website. You may want to search the specific mover website or speak to a representative from the company to see if a checklist is offered. If not, remember you can find them on the Internet.



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