Finding an Apartment that Works For You

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How can I find an apartment that works for me?

Finding an Apartment that Works For You

When searching for your apartment you will want to make a checklist with the things that are necessities for your new home to have. For example, if a dishwasher is an absolute must, put that on your list of "Must Haves". If you can live with or without a washer and dryer in your unit, put that on a list of "Can do with or without" and if you don't need a master bath in your master bedroom, put that on your list under "Don't need". Dividing your list into three sections of must have, can compromise and don't care or need, will help. There is no sense in looking at apartment that has no dishwasher in the kitchen if you absolutely won't live without one.

You will need to bring your checkbook with you when you are looking at apartments, because if you find one that you love and want to move in to, you will need a deposit to keep that unit for you. You may need to provide proof of your income and the rental company may want to run a background check on you as well. Bring any necessary documents for these things in order to be prepared.



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