Space for Your Self-Move

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What kind of space do my moving vehicles need?

Space for Your Self-Move

Making your self-moving experience as smooth as possible is a top priority. Be sure that you allow adequate space for your moving vehicle, whether it's a trailer or a portable storage unit. Contact a moving company directly to get specific vehicle sizes.

For example, a 28-foot trailer needs at least 14 feet of clearance overhead. Keep this in mind if you're having it parked anywhere but on the street or in your main drive. The trailers also generally measure just under ten feet wide and/or tall, so take this into account if you live on a narrow street. Portable storage units vary in size, but plan for an average of 6'D x 7'W x 8'H. Leave plenty of space around the unit for easy access.

Regardless of the method, you'll want to have your moving vehicle parked as close to the house as possible to avoid unnecessary walking and hauling of heavy items.



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