Choosing Moving Storage

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Do I need moving storage?

Choosing Moving Storage

An excellent option for keeping unessential items after your move is to rent space in a moving storage facility. Think of it as an off-site garage or closet space that can house seasonal or archival possessions without taking up space in your new home.

Before you make the move, however, be sure to take into account exactly what will be placed in storage. Rent a space that is only as large as you will need, or smaller. This will help you avoid paying for unused storage space. Get creative with your packing of the unit, as well. Place older, less-needed items like family keepsakes in the back of the unit, and seasonal items like air conditioners and holiday decorations toward the front. That way you'll have easy access to them when you need them.

Bonus Tip: Whenever possible, allow yourself a walkway into the unit. You may achieve this by packing in two hemispheres of the unit, leaving a path down the center.



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