Getting Started on Your Move

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How do I get started packing?

Getting Started on Your Move

Moving can be a daunting prospect for anyone from an apartment-dweller to a homeowner. The best way to begin tackling a move is to start with basic packing supplies. Here are the essentials:

Boxes: Always get more than you think you'll need. If you don't order them specifically from your moving company, start scouting grocery stores and liquor stores to find empties. Don't be afraid to ask a store clerk for boxes; chances are they'll be happy to get rid of them.

Packing Tape: Again, pick up more than you think you'll need. Tape can get expensive, so seek out your supply from dollar stores.

Scissors: If you don't have packing tape dispensers, then get some trusty scissors. Every time you cut tape, fold a corner of it back so that tearing off the next piece will be easy.

Newspaper: Start saving it up now! You can use newspaper as padding in all your boxes that hold breakables, and also use it to wrap glasses and plates.

Colored Stickers or Pens: You can color code each box based on which room it will go into. For example, green for the kitchen, red for the bedroom, blue for the living room. Keep a key with you at all times.



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