Moving Frequently Asked Questions

peak season moving costs more

What is a pod and should I use it for my upcoming move?

Where should I keep my portable storage container?

Can I keep the pod in my driveway for months?

What is the best way to pack the moving pods?

What is the best way to pack pod?

How can I protect my fragile items from breaking broken in my storage container?

How can I insure the items placed in my moving pod?

Where can I store items from my house while renovating?

How can I move on a tight budget?

Where can I find help to load my moving pod?

How do I prevent smell from building up in my moving pod?

How many moving estimates should I get?

What time should my move begin?

How do I find the right moving company?

What kind of moving company do I need for my move?

What if my closing gets delayed and I need to stay in my home longer?

How do I find a professional moving company with experience?

Can my mover remove my ceiling fans and chandeliers?

What if I can not get all the packing done by the time the movers arrive?

Should I sign a moving contract?

What companies offer the best moving services?

What should I look for in the moving contract?

What licenses does my mover need to move me out of state?

What is the cheapest way to move cross country?

How do I keep my fragile items from breaking when traveling during my move?

What other options do I have besides using long distance movers?

I am moving cross country, what should I ask my new landlord?

How can I make sure I get everything from one location to another?

Can I rent a truck myself and drive it one way?

Can my local moving company relocate me to another state?

Are my items insured during the whole move?

How do I stay in contact with the moving truck driver?

How should I begin my move to a new country?

Will all my furniture fit into a rental van?

What is the next size vehicle after a moving van?

Can I rent a moving van for a few hours?

How can I stack items to save room in the rental van?

How do I keep the van organized to prevent things from moving while driving?

How do I tie items on roof tight so they wont blow away?

What should I know about driving a moving van?

Are there any roads I am not allowed to drive on with my rented moving van?

Is there any thing I can do to help the moving van ride better?

Are there any blind spots on moving vans?

What should I pack first into the moving van?

What should I do with my dog while I move.

When is the worst time to move?

What should I keep and throw away during my move?

What do I need to do for my move?

Who do I need to inform of my move and new location?

How do I organize my move to make it easier for movers?

What is the final step of my move?

What should I do when moving into a rental property?

Where can I get discounted moving supplies?

What is the best way to prevent scratches in my hardwood floor, when moving?

How can I keep my home clean on moving day?

What should I ask when getting moving quotes?

How many minimum hours is normal for a moving company to charge?

Is it better to pay for weight or hours of the move?

How can I get a feel of how the mover I chose operate?

How should I pay the movers?

How much should I tip each mover?

Will all my movers speak english?

Should I go with the cheapest quote I get?

How can I be sure the person who handles the move knows all I explained during the quote?

How can I get the most accurate quote for my move?

What do I need to get a tax deduction for my move?

How heavy should my boxes be?

When should I start packing?

What should I wrap my valuables in?

How do I tape boxes so they won't open when moving?

How do I make my boxes strong?

How do I pack up all my dishware?

How should I pack up my stereo for the move?

How can I find important paperwork I may need when moving?

Whats the best way to pack and move my furniture?

How do I prevent my fragile items from being crushed?

How do I pack up my entire house?

What size rental van should I rent?

Should I purchase additional insurance coverage on my rental truck?

Do I need a special license to drive a moving truck?

Do all moving rental trucks take diesel gasoline?

How can I get the best deal on a moving truck rental?

What should I look for when I pick up my moving truck rental?

Will my rental truck be able to fit in tunnels and under bridges?

What should I do if my moving truck rental breaks down?

How do I back the moving truck rental down my driveway with out hitting my house?

What are some ways to save time and money when renting a moving truck?

Should I rent a moving truck with a ramp or a lift gate?

How should I start my self move?

Who should I have help with my move?

My attic is very hot. How do I pack up my attic?

How can I make sure I get the parking spot in front of my house?

What is the best way to move a sofabed myself?

What kind of shoes should I wear when moving?

What is the correct wat of carrying when moving?

What is the best way to communicate with my helpers when moving?

How do I transport my plants during the move?

How can I pack and transport lampshades to a new location?

What should I load onto the truck last?

How can I prevent my moving helpers from getting lost?

How do I keep my box from being turned upside down?

What do I have to do before the movers pick up my car?

We have an oversized oil painting we would like to ship from Utah to Michigan. The painting is worth about $20,000. What is the cheapest safest shipping option for something like this?

How long before my items arrive from across the country?

How do I move my glass table top?

How can I remove stickiness left from packing tape?

How do I clean out my kitchen appliance prior to the move?

How do I keep my metal objects from rusting while in storage?

How do I select a moving company?

How can I get a discounted moving van rental?

How can I find an apartment?

Can I hire an apartment moving company?

How can I find an apartment that works for me?

What is an apartment comparison checklist?

What should I know about signing a lease?

What is the difference between a condo and an apartment?

Why should I get to know the neighborhood before I move?

What is my responsibility as a renter?

What is a renter's resume?

Where Can I Buy Moving Boxes?

Where Can I Find Free Moving Boxes?

What are the Sizes of Moving Boxes?

Can I Order Moving Boxes Online?

How Can I Calculate How Many Moving Boxes I Will Need?

What is a moving box kit?

What is a wardrobe box?

What can I pack my home office items in?

What is a Frame Moving Box?

How can I find cheap moving companies?

How can I compare moving companies?

What is a Upack move?

What is a full-service moving company?

What is a do-it-yourself move?

What is an international moving company?

How can I move my car?

What are some nationwide moving companies?

How can I move my piano?

Should I use a checklist for my first night supplies in my new home?

What are some moving tips I should know?

How can I stay stress free on moving day?

What type of move is right for me?

What should I do once I have moved?

What can I do one week ahead of my move?

What should I do after my move?

How can I make my move earth friendly?

How can I let people know I am moving?

What packing supplies must I have?

How can I pack big items?

How should I pack small appliances?

How can I pack odd shaped items?

What is a moving container?

What things can't go on a moving truck?

What is the best way to go about packing for a move?

What should I pack last?

What is a relocation package?

How can I make relocating with my child a bit easier?

How can I find information on my new city?

What is a relocation checklist?

What should I know about relocating with my pet?

What is a salary comparison calculator?

What is an apartment relocation rental?

Do I need to switch my insurance?

What is a portable storage container?

What is a storage garage?

Why do people use portable storage containers?

How can I find moving storage companies in my area?

What is self storage?

What are some things I should know about self storage?

What are the costs of self storage?

What can be stored in self storage?

How can I get a budget truck rental?

Do moving truck rental companies do one way rentals?

What size of trucks can be rented?

Should I buy extra rental insurance for my truck rental?

Are there other accessories I may need?

What should I know about driving my truck long distance?

What are some things to look for when renting a cheaper truck?

How do I rent a moving truck?

What size truck rental is right for me?

What are some moving truck rental companies?

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